Do We Value Taste Over Life?

This is the question we have to ask ourselves, this is the crux of the issue. Do we – as a society, as individuals, value our taste buds above the life of another living being?

It seems that whenever I engage in conversation with non-vegans about veganism, they immediately want to discuss nutrition (or in their mind lack thereof). They inevitably lead with protein, and broadly challenge the health claims of a plant-based diet. We live in a culture dominated by instant gratification where people expect and crave immediate results with the least effort and inconvenience. So when it comes to making any type of life change, to their habits, or culinary choices, they immediately want to know what they are going to get in return for their “sacrifice.” It’s as if I were to say anything less than, “Yes, it’s true, you can levitate and lift a car on a vegan diet” they won’t even pay attention or be open minded enough to listen.

Most people never stop to take a moment to think outward, outside of themselves, and think what effect a personal choice might have on something or someone else other then themselves. Especially when it comes to “diet,” and the food we choose to consume!

I understand that people believe consuming animal products is a personal choice, but have you ever stopped to consider the personal choice of the animal who wants to live, and who was killed for your meal? That animal based meal you recently consumed gave you 15 minutes of sensory pleasure in the form of taste, but for the animal it took their life. Just because something is said to be or assumed to be a “personal choice” doesn’t make it personal or justifiable. For example, if someone made the personal choice to abuse or beat a dog, would that make it morally justifiable? Or if someone murdered another human because it was their personal choice, would that make it ok? Or when an abusive parent makes the personal choice to abuse their child, is that morally justifiable? So when someone says to me, “but it’s my personal choice to eat animals,” they are clearly not thinking about the personal choice of the animal that shares the same innate will to live just as we humans do.

As consumers we need to be more aware of what we are supporting when we make a purchase; when you buy something at the store you are not only supporting that company and its products, but you are also giving them a “yes” vote with your dollar in approval of that item. The company will continue to provide it’s products as long as consumers continue to give them “yes” votes. Have you ever stopped to consider what you are saying yes to when it comes to the animal products you purchase at the store?

Here is a very brief synopsis:

Eggs – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

Male chicks are fed down a conveyor belt and ground up alive in a macerater, or sometimes they are simply thrown into trash bags while still alive where they will eventually suffocate. This is simply because male chicks cannot lay eggs, and therefore they are seen as a waste of space and of no commercial value to the hatchery or farmer. All of this just so that you can eat a hens embryo…which is rather weird in itself isn’t it? How come we don’t eat any other animal embryos? Not to mention the cholesterol, saturated fat, and choline you are ingesting; there is much misleading information about the “nutritional benefits” of eating these eggs.

Chicken – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

Chickens crammed into warehouses, debeaked (a painful industry practice where the birds sensitive beak tips are clipped or seared off to prevent them from pecking each other to death – due to the stressful environments they are forced to live in), genetically engineered to grow faster and larger then ever before (resulting in terrible health and suffering for the birds), and of course they are pumped up with antibiotics because no bird could possibly live as long as they do in the unsanitary conditions that they are forced to live in. And please understand that “cage-fee” and “free-range” are at best just marketing terms (euphemisms) meant to make you feel better about your purchase. At the end of the day no matter how the chicken lived, it is still slaughtered simply for your appetite.

Milk and Cheese – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

Some people don’t realize that female cows only produce milk after they are pregnant (just like any other animal – humans included); yes shocker I know, cows aren’t just like a soda fountain for milk. So how do you get a cow to continuously produce milk? Simple, keep impregnating her through artificial insemination – the practice of forcibly impregnating a cow with bull sperm…over and over again! Furthermore, cows are expected to produce a certain yield of milk, and thus they are milked over and over during their milk producing time; their teats become swollen and infected, pus seeps from their teats into the milk they give, and of course they are fed a healthy dose of antibiotics in order to power through this process. And then, nature forbid that a cow should give birth to a male calf (as of course they do many times), that male calf is taken away from the mother within hours of birth (ok in rare instances they are a bit “nicer” and wait a day or two), and that calf is either shot dead (because just like with the male baby chicks, they have no commercial value and take up space), or he is raised in a tiny cramped crate to be slaughtered for veal. At the end of the day, even if the cow lived a wonderful, free life grazing on green open pastures (which we all know is NOT reality), she is still slaughtered and killed for your sensory pleasure of taste – for milk and cheese.

Meat – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

Cattle raised for meat live a grim existence; confined in small spaces, abused, tortured, and mutilated. Yes, cattle do get to be outside at times, but it’s far from the green hill pastures that are portrayed in commercials and children’s cartoons. I have seen it first hand here in California; these cattle lots look like enslavement camps where only suffering and death exist. Doesn’t matter if you buy grass-fed, “humane,” or any other bullshit marketing term used to make you feel better about the fact that at the end of the day all of these animals still meet the same fate – death. And anyway, how do you “humanely” kill someone that wants to live? Humane by definition means “having or showing compassion or benevolence.” Can you really kindly, or compassionately put a bolt gun to a cows head, shoot them, and then slit their throats to drain their blood? Not possible! These are social animals, they have familial structures, and inherently seek pleasure and want to live!

If you consume meat, you are also consuming all the fear, stress, and adrenaline that was pumping through this poor animals body just before slaughter:

Pork (yes, this includes your precious bacon) – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

An animal that is as smart as a household dog or cat, forced into a life of suffering and torture; confined to gestation crates so small that they don’t even have enough room to turn around in, mutilated by having their tails cut off, their teeth ground or clipped, and the male piglets castrated – all of this usually done without the use of any anesthesia. The treatment of these poor intelligent creatures is nothing short of appalling! Some slaughterhouses even use gas chambers (“CO2 stunning”) as a form of “humane slaughter” before slitting the pigs throats; and as you can imagine there is nothing “humane” about this process! All of this just to satisfy humans taste for their flesh…and hear the typical response of “but, bacon though.” Nothing is more facepalm inducing then this!

Fish – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

The fishing industry is responsible for some of the most environmentally damaging practices affecting the oceans; commercial fishing employs such methods as trawling, gillnets, and longlines that unintentionally end up catching all sorts of other sea life outside the intended target – this is called “bycatch.” Furthermore, these practices are depleting populations and disrupting ecosystems all together; at a faster rate then they can replenish their populations.  Not to mention, from a health standpoint, the animal protein (IGF-1), high cholesterol and saturated fats, contaminates and pollutants, that are all being ingested when you consume fish. At the end of the day, a living creature is still being killed to satisfy your taste preferences; and yes, even fish feel pain!

Slaughterhouse Workers (humans) – this is what you vote YES to with every purchase:

This is probably the last element that most people think of when it comes to consuming animal products and factory farming; but yes, someone had to actually kill that animal in order for them to get on your plate, or to get their by-product on the super market shelf. Put yourself in the shoes of a slaughterhouse worker for a moment, do you really think you could shoot a bolt gun into the head of a living animal, slit their throat to drain their blood, and then do this over and over again to hundreds of animals a day….AND expect to remain somewhat mentally “normal”? Can you imagine just how much these workers have to suppress any innate emotional response, or compassion towards a living being. Not to mention, the dangerous work environment they have to endure which comes with a high injury rate, health hazards, potential death or dismemberment, long hours, exploitation (many come from low-income neighborhoods and/or are undocumented), and add to that the constant sight and smell of death. Unfortunately, these workers are simply a victims of the system , and inevitably suffer high instances of PTSDrepetitive mental trauma, and have been shown to exhibit violent behavior towards other people. It’s no surprise that these workers then turn to alcohol and other drugs to cope with the stress of their daily work routine. Yet, human appetite and demand for animal products is what is making these jobs exist in the first place. The alternative? Plant/vegetable farms, farming crops for human consumption, plant-based product facilities, etc. All these would involve harvesting plants instead of abusing, torturing, and killing animals.

This is simple supply and demand, and as long as consumers continue demanding these animal products and voting YES (with their dollars), these factory farms will continue to supply this cycle of abuse, torture, and death. BUT, we as individuals have the power to create a shift in this supply; as aware and conscious consumers, we can opt for plant-based and vegan products instead when we go to the store or restaurant. Each time you purchase a plant-based/vegan alternative, you are saying NO to animal cruelty and the killing of these innocent beings, and saying YES to demanding more plant-based/vegan alternatives.

Now I know what you are thinking…”ok but if the world goes vegan tomorrow, then what are we going to do with all these animals in the factory farms? They are going to overrun us all!” This is something I hear many people say when simply discussing veganism. This comment is akin to people asking me “well what would you do if you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you eat then?” Point being, it’s simply unrealistic. Just as unrealistic as the entire world going vegan overnight. What is realistic? A gradual shift over time; one that would/could unfortunately take many decades to achieve. So don’t worry people, we are NOT at risk of the world going vegan overnight and being overrun by farm animals! Not to mention, that the only reason these animals exist in such great numbers in the first place is because they are bred into existence to meet consumer demand/appetite. Take away that demand (or decrease it), and such intensive breeding will slow, and ultimately has the potential to cease all together. Thus, bit by bit, as more and more people become aware, and begin to demand more and more vegan products, supply will change, industry will adapt, and companies will pivot to meet consumer demand of these vegan products. As this happens over time, less and less animals will be bred for consumption, the existing farm animal populations will naturally and gradually die out over time, and some animals will be sent to farm sanctuaries where they will be cared for, and left in peace to live out their lives freely.

What about the farmers, and all the jobs associated with animal agriculture? All those jobs will be lost! Not exactly, they simply need to ride the shifting wave of demand and start farming plants and vegetables instead of animals, plant-based milks instead of animal-based milk, vegan meat alternatives instead of animal flesh, egg substitutes instead of eggs, and on and on (just visit the vegan aisle of any grocery store and see all the alternatives already available – all of these have industry and jobs waiting behind them). Moreover, I’m sure that slaughterhouse workers, and butchers would much rather be harvesting, cutting, and slicing vegetables and vegan meat alternatives then actual screaming, suffering, bleeding animals. They can still be employed, they just need to shift into the new industries as well.

Fore example, Tyson Foods Inc., one of the largest meat processors in the world, now owns a 5% stake in the plant-based protein start-up Beyond Meat – maker of the vegan Beyond Burger, that is now even outselling beef in some stores. The rise in sales of plant-based alternatives is undeniable at this point, and other companies like Campbell Soup Co. are also getting in the game by selling Bolthouse Farms plant protein milk. Another example, Nestlé the worlds largest food maker, predicts that plant-based foods will continue to grow in demand and is already working to expand its presence in this sphere by introducing a almond-based coffee creamer by Coffemate, and a non-dairy ice cream. Moreover, restaurants are also getting in on this shift by offering more plant-based options, or in some cases going 100% plant-based all together. Large corporations are also trying to meet this new demand by incorporating more vegan initiatives in the work place. These are just a few examples, do your own research and you will find many more examples of new and existing companies getting involved in this vegan shift.

Humans are a very creative and innovative species, just as we have figured out how to land a man on the moon, over time we will figure out the best way to work with and prosper with this shift in demand away from animal products, and the adoption of plant-based products. And just as in other times in our history, we don’t have to have all the answers figured out right now (as we already established the world is NOT going vegan overnight), over time industry will find the best way to meet this new growing demand, as more and more people vote YES to plant-based products, and ultimately NO to animal cruelty and suffering!

It is time we begin to value life over taste; use your dollars wisely…every vote counts!

What You Eat Matters

Yes, this is true, what you eat really does matter! And no, not just for yourself, but for the animals, and for the environment.

I recently came across this new full-length documentary on YouTube called “H.O.P.E. – What You Eat Matters” (H.O.P.E. standing for Healing Of Planet Earth), and wow this is a very powerful documentary that really makes you think and feel! The documentary features discussions about the benefits of a plant based diet, based on science and researched, and the environmental impact of farming animals for consumption, as well as [most importantly] the welfare of these poor animals, and the moral aspect of consuming them.


Here is another documentary I wish everyone in the world could watch; it’s thorough, comprehensive, and does a great job at presenting all the facts (backed by research), and showing the harsh reality of animal consumption and it’s consequences. Anyway, I could go on and on here, but the documentary simply just needs to be watched! Please take the time, do yourself a favor, and watch this movie.

WARNING: Watching this documentary in it’s entirety may cause irreversible awareness and compassion. Precede at your own risk of awakening. 


Vegan 2017

Another year of eating kale, and another year in the advancement of the vegan movement! It seems now more then ever that the plant based movement continues to grow exponentially every year, with the sharing of information, books, documentaries, YouTube videos, social media, events, and festivals. Moreover, it’s so great to see how many more new vegan restaurants are popping up, vegan options in “non-vegan” restaurants, vegan foods and alternatives at the grocery store, vegan apparel, and vegan movements! Love it!

And once again, the folks over at Plant Based News have done a great job of putting together another short documentary (as they did for 2016) that recounts the growth of the vegan movement in 2017. I wish everyone could watch this video because it is packed with so many good clips, news worthy segments, success stories, and challenges that still lie ahead of/for the vegan movement. But the main takeaway is clear, the vegan movement is growing, and there is no slowing down! Check it out here:

Vegan 2017


Why Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About This

If living on a plant based diet is so healthy, then why isn’t your doctor talking to you about it? That is a common question (or sentiment) among omnivores when hearing about the benefits of a plant based diet. The truth is, most doctors simply don’t have the training and knowledge of using food as medicine (I wrote about this subject in a previous post); so they can’t really discuss a plant based diet as a prescription to better health, let alone as a means to reverse many common diseases/ailments. Moreover, their practice doesn’t make any money by prescribing vegetables to patients, but they do make money by prescribing drugs – “band-aids” that simply mask symptoms, instead of actually treating the causes of sickness and disease.

Here is a great interview with Dr. Michael Greger that perfectly explains this conundrum:


Pretty interesting stuff right?! This really helps explain what is going on in the health care industry, and why none of our doctors are talking about plant based diets as a means to healthier living.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, then check out this next video with Dr. Neal Barnard discussing the same issue:

I hope the information discussed in these two videos answers the question as to why doctors don’t discuss vegan/plant based diets as a means to health. I sometimes get asked, [or teased] the question of “if being vegan or plant based is so healthy, then why wouldn’t my doctor be telling me about this”? Well, this is exactly why I am sharing this information here; I hope this helps to better understand what is really going on here. And I don’t want people to be deterred from trying a plant based diet simply because “their doctor isn’t talking about it, or recommending it.” Do your own research about a plant based diet (and always check the source)…the learning never stops!

The Revolution Is Underway

WOW people, this video really sums it up right here; the truth is FINALLY starting to come out! But before I go on some long rant here, and weigh in on some points made in this short film, I’ll just step aside and let the video do the talking. Do yourself a favor, and please WATCH THIS!!

Was that not so damn incredibly eye opening!? It sure as hell should have been! This is what is going on here people, WAKE UP!! This is what has vegan activists up in arms! We the people are purposefully being misinformed when it comes to food, what we should eat, and what the latest health research is telling us! With misinformation comes confusion, and that breads inaction – people will simply continue going on as they have been for years because that is the easiest course of action. But this is exactly what the powers that be want – the meat and dairy industry; they want sheep that simply continue eating what is being fed to them, they want them unaware, misinformed, blind, and asleep at the wheel.

There is such a stark parallel between food misinformation (from big food – meat, poultry industry) and how it was with cigarettes (from big tobacco) back in the day; can you even imagine that there was once a time when the average person had no idea that smoking cigarettes was bad for your health!? The big tobacco companies were constantly putting out propaganda, suppressing information and new research, and purposely trying to keep the public misinformed.

I mean can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you encountered a person now a days that simply denied the truth about the link of smoking and lung cancer. Welcome to what it’s like being a vegan, and simply trying to share information with the average person about the meat their eating, and it’s affects on their health. Yeah, facepalm inducing. But I get it, the average person simply has not put in the time and effort into researching the other side – the vegan side. So instead of being open to any of the information coming form the vegan side, they just quickly dismiss it because it’s coming from some “hippie, tree hugging, cult, misinformed weirdo, that is in a minority group.” Well my dear fellow earthling, it’s time you start listening, it’s time you become aware! Do it for your own sake, your well being, and that of the planet we inhabit. If it wasn’t for these vegan weirdos annoyingly shouting for change, injustice, and awareness; who else would lead the charge to shed light on what is happening here? I doubt it would be the guy posting all his “I love bacon” pics on social media, or the average omnivore for that matter.

The facts, the data, the research about the benefits and affects of a plant based diet on our health, the environment, and the innocent animals is all out there; but so much of it remains in the dark due to this information power struggle led by the meat/dairy industries, their lobbying power, and their financial interests. There is so much money/business at stake here for the meat and dairy industry, of course they are going to continue to push to have their biased information be louder then the truth!

For me, this video brings about the feelings of frustration and anger towards the current situation (yep typical vegan right), and how the truth is being controlled by financial interests at the cost of our own health, the lives of innocent animals, and our environment! But at the same time I feel a great sense of excitement, and hope for the direction this movement is going! I mean just look at the variety of new vegan foods, and vegan/vegetarian restaurants that are popping up all over; more and more even ordinary restaurants are taking notice and offering vegetarian or vegan options. Think about how much that has grown in the last 10 or even 5 years. As this film points out, the trend is definitely growing; businesses are taking notice, and they are starting to shift in order to meet this new consumer demand! The real evidence is starting to emerge and get mainstream attention, more books and documentaries are spreading the truth now then ever before, more celebrities and athletes are going vegan, and the younger generations are already becoming far more aware at an earlier age about these issues then my generation was; they are helping to drive this new growth of plant based demand.

I do envision that one day in the future (maybe not in my lifetime) vegetarian/vegan options will be in every restaurant, and meat packaging will come with clear warnings just like cigarette packaging does now about it’s potential cancer causing effects. Moreover, just as the popularity of recycling for the better well being of our planet has grown, so will the popularity of opting for consuming plants over animals for the better well being of our environment. Who know’s, maybe some day meat eaters will become the minority within the mainstream…yes, that sounds like a stretch right now, but looking at the trajectory of this plant based movement there is no telling how far and fast this can grow. The current evidence [on the growth] would suggest that this plant based train is chugging along full steam!! So to the average carnivore Joe out there, maybe it’s time to start understanding that us vegans aren’t just a bunch of cult hippie weirdos; we’re actually just pioneers on the cutting edge!

Join the movement!

Olympic Level Compassion

It’s always great to come across inspirational stories, they leave you with a lasting feeling of hope, positivity, and they usually carry a learning opportunity within that message. This video is one such story; Dotsie Bausch is an olympic athlete that does an incredible job of explaining all the key points (the animals, your health, and the environment) of choosing a plant based lifestyle in such a short presentation. She really hits the nail on the head here, and I think everyone (omnivores and carnivores alike) can learn something from her journey. Take 15 minutes out of your day and give this video a watch; careful though, it might bring about irreversible awareness!


Good on Dotsie here to be living proof of an elite athlete doing it all on a plant based diet, and addressing that damn protein issue [myth]. Yes people, believe it or not, you can build muscles and excel as an elite athlete on a plant based diet! Meat/dairy is not the only answer to protein! Moreover, not only can you get your daily required dose of protein from a plant based diet, but you can also be an extreme athlete on a plant based diet – as Dotsie explains in the video.

Definition of Compassiona feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it. 

We are all compassionate individuals by nature; we have compassion for our family members, our friends, our pets, and even towards strangers. As a human, it would be very hard for anyone to actually be inside one of these factory farms and see the suffering of these animals, and then feel absolutely nothing towards them – especially as they are being dragged away to slaughter. Yet, as consumers, we are all completely disconnected from this harsh reality – it’s out of sight, and therefore out of mind (ignorance is bliss) for us. We simply go to the grocery store, see a nice package that we have been conditioned to see as food, purchase it, and then cook it and eat it. We don’t see that package as containing the decomposing remains of what was once a sentient being; the meat, and poultry industries do a great job of making sure that the masses don’t awaken to that fact. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality, and for most it is too difficult to confront, so they intentionally continue on in a state of blissful ignorance.

Well personally, I choose awareness! See the truth, see it for what it really is! Open your eyes and your mind, educate yourself on the topic! As a consumer you have the power to vote with your dollar everyday; by choosing to spend your money on something, you are choosing to support that product/company/industry/option. So know what you are supporting and contributing to; see the truth, choose compassion, and execute accordingly!





We Are All Earthlings

When you hear plant based folk say they are ‘vegan for the animals,’ you may not be exactly sure what the hell that means. Well, this documentary here titled Earthlings perfectly sums up what that actually means, and why we do it for the animals. Earthlings points the camera directly at the truth most people don’t want to see or know about when it comes to factory farming, and the role animals have been given in our society. Full disclosure, parts of this film are hard to watch, but all that means is that the truth is hard to swallow once you really see and understand what is going on…nonetheless, wouldn’t you rather know the truth!


Think about this for a minute; lets say we humans finally have the technology for deep space exploration, and consequently we happen to discover another planet that does indeed harbor life. But the life found on the planet is not human like (at least what we consider human), instead it’s these oddly shaped life forms, some large (bigger than us), some small (can fit in your hand), some cute, some ugly, they make noises we can’t understand, they don’t speak our language, but they seem to have mothers, fathers, and siblings just like we do. Furthermore, you can see their emotions in their faces, they have eyes similar to ours, they have what we can tell are ears, mouths, noses, and legs and arms. Wouldn’t this be amazing to encounter and see!? Wouldn’t we just look at them in awe and be like ‘wow how freakin incredible are these creatures!’ Surely we would look at them with fascination, intrigue, and want to learn more about them!

Or would we just be like ‘eh, we don’t understand what they are saying, and they seem dumber then us, so lets just start enslaving them, killing them, skinning them, and eating them.’ Imagine if that really happened! Well, we here on earth have been conditioned to be ok with this, it has simply become part of our culture, customs, upbringing, and a societal norm…but why? Why is this the right way? If you take a step back, and pretend you were that space cadet who made that journey to the newly found planet where this new life was found, you would realize that this is exactly what happened here on earth. We have these amazing creatures on our very own planet that we GET to coexist with, and yet most of us have all become ok with the idea of killing millions of them, torturing them, experimenting on them, and of course eating them.

Wowza….what the hell happened right?! It’s simply a matter of a disconnect; people just don’t make the connection, or choose not to, that these beings [earthlings] are actually incredible sentient creatures – not merely just things, they have feelings!! It was only through conditioning that we humans have been brought to the point of seeing these earthlings as things that are ‘food’ to eat. For most, ignorance really is bliss, they might actually know the truth, but instead of confront the truth and make that connection, they simply  continue on blissfully ignorant chowing down on whatever earthling tastes best to them.

You have been condition to think and see this here as a pet, that you love, and treat with respect:


You have been conditioned to see this as a thing called a cow, that we milk and eat (Mmm hamburger), that doesn’t have feelings or emotions, and that is merely just food:


You have been condition to see this as another thing called a pig, and that it is also incapable of any feelings or emotions…your conditioned response is Mmmmm bacon (clearly such a stark difference then a dog, no way these things have any emotions or feelings right?!):


Understand that these conditioned responses are simply due to what you have been thought; this is what you’ve know all your life, this is how you grew up, this is what your family and friends believe, this is what the mainstream public believes, and so you blindly continue on believing as such. People say, ‘well it’s part of our culture’ or ‘it’s part of their customs and tradition.’ Well, not too long ago here in the US slavery was part of our culture and customs. BUT does that make it OK? Does that make it RIGHT? A resounding HELL NO should be your response!!

Dare to think outside of your conditioned response and MAKE THE CONNECTION!! These creatures aren’t emotionless, feelingless, dumb things that are just commodities. These are all EARTHLINGS!!



Well, this documentary very effectively helps people make that connection; suspend all what you know for a moment, how you think of animals and food, and simply watch this film as a fellow earthling…dare to make a paradigm shift!

(You can watch this documentary online here, or you find it on Youtube, but fair warning the quality of the Youtube versions are pretty terrible)




Exit The Matrix

If you were Neo, what pill would you take – the red pill or the blue pill? As Morpheus explained, ‘The matrix is a system Neo, that system is our enemy…you have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.’ Who would have thought that this concept and idea in the movie fits so perfectly as a metaphor for the food system that we as humans live in; and how the vast majority choose to blindly adhere to it (plugged in) simply because that is what they know, or that is how they grew up…they continue on in the so called system.

Well if you are ready to take the red pill, and see the matrix for what it really is, then I have the perfect video for you – fair warning here, the production quality of this video is nothing like the movie The Matrix, in fact it is as far away as possible from anything remotely even close to that. It’s literally a recording of a presentation given to a group of people classroom style. I know, your probably thinking “can it possibly get any more boring??.” Nonetheless, this is still one of the BEST (in my humble opinion) videos I have seen that so perfectly, and comprehensively explains the conundrum of choosing to eat animals versus choosing a plant based diet. Or better yet, how we can say that we love animals, love our dogs and cats, and yet be perfectly fine chowing down on a cow, chicken, or pig. Anyway, I could easily explain more about this video, or provide more examples, but I wouldn’t be doing it justice.


Now I know, the title of this video may be a turn off to most, and it could easily evoke the feeling or thought of “oh geez, another video on going vegan…blah.” But honestly, the information in this video is so damn good, and presented in such a easily digestible way, that it truly is eye-opening! I came across this video when I was already well into my plant based life, and I still found it so enlightening! Just give it 5-10 minutes, you’ll see, the information flowing from this is just too good to turn off. I dare you, be Neo, take the red pill and unplug from the system!

By the way, I don’t pretend that everyone who watches this is all the sudden going to become a vegan over night (and unplug from the system), that is not the intention here. The goal here is simply awareness, open the mind and take in the information, dare to to make a paradigm shift!

How Not To Die

Quite the question isn’t it? Well, this is actually the title of one hell of an eye opening book, and this is another source of information I wish everyone could be exposed to! It’s crazy to me that the information contained within is not mainstream knowledge…yet, at least.

The author of this book is Dr. Michael Greger; a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger is also a licensed general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition, and is a founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Not to mention he is also the man behind the amazing website and information source Hop on that site, and you can spend hours learning new information about a myriad of health topics affecting our human population.

No, this is not some vegan book for vegan people, this is a book for anyone and everyone that wants to learn about the best ways to nourish our bodies for health, how to prevent the leading causes of death in our society (hint, it’s not prescription pills and surgeries), and why it is that the general medical community is not talking more about food as a source of healing and disease prevention.


I love this section here in the very beginning of the book (Pg. 10 Introduction) that pretty much hits the nail on the head:

“In this book, I don’t advocate for a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet. I advocate for an EVIDENCE-BASED diet, and the best available balance of science suggests that the more whole plant foods we eat the better…”

I don’t understand how people can, or simply choose, to ignore the mounds of evidence and statistics offered in this book. Even someone like myself who has already been on a plant based diet for multiple years now was shocked by all the evidence and information contained in this book; I mean it’s simply so glaring! And yes, some people might be turned off  by the physical thickness of this book (it’s a hefty one), but you don’t have to read this front to back if you don’t want to, simply think of it as an encyclopedia on the leading causes of human death (or diseases), and nutritional solutions – just use the table of contents and learn about the particular issues that interest you. But fair warning, even if you do that, soon enough you will find yourself wanting to read the whole thing haha…you’ll see, it’s just too good not to!